Hazlewood Marvels at Babar’s Incredible Statistics

Hazlewood Marvels at Babar's Incredible Stats

Discover the awe-inspiring statistics that make Hazlewood marvel at Babar’s incredible performance in cricket. Dive into the world of record-breaking feats and extraordinary achievements.

Australian fast bowler Josh Hazlewood has lauded Pakistan’s captain, Babar Azam, comparing him to cricketing greats like Virat Kohli and praising his remarkable statistics. Speaking on Fox Cricket, Hazlewood joined other Australian cricketers in selecting Babar for their One Day International World XI.

Hazlewood Marvels at Babar’s Incredible Statistics

Babar Azam, with his impeccable technique and unwavering determination, has carved a niche for himself in international cricket. His batting prowess is nothing short of extraordinary, and it’s not just fans who have taken notice – even fellow players like Josh Hazlewood can’t help but be in awe.

The Century Streak: A Testimony to Consistency

Babar’s ability to notch up centuries with remarkable consistency is what truly sets him apart. His incredible statistics reveal a player who thrives under pressure and delivers when it matters most. Whether facing fast bowlers or spinners, Babar’s precision and focus shine through, making him a force to be reckoned with.

“Babar is quickly following in the footsteps of Virat and other greats,” Hazlewood remarked. “While he might be a bit younger, his numbers are exceptional.”

Usman Khawaja, a top-order batsman, commended Babar’s lightning-fast hands, enabling him to place the ball between point and extra cover expertly. Khawaja noted, “He possesses a unique ability. Even when bowlers maintain a good line, he effortlessly smacks the ball from mid-off through cover to point. Many attempt to score singles off such deliveries, but he uses his rapid hand speed to find gaps and hit boundaries.”

Khawaja went on to describe Babar as a beautiful player of the ball and an exceptional player of spin. Despite his admiration, he couldn’t place Babar at number three in the batting order due to the presence of Kohli, so he suggested he should slot in at number four.

Marnus Labuschagne highlighted Babar’s ability to play the ball on top of the bounce and play straighter shots compared to Kohli and Steve Smith. “Babar has a slightly lower bat position, stands up more, and hits straighter. Kohli and Smith tend to play more square shots, but Babar excels in forcing the ball down the ground,” Marnus said.

He further praised Babar’s versatility and high-tempo style of play. Labuschagne, who has faced Babar in matches with low bounce, emphasized that when going to India for the World Cup, where pitches might lack bounce, Babar is a formidable opponent who’s challenging to dismiss.

In summary, Australian cricketers are in awe of Babar Azam’s cricketing prowess, likening him to cricket legends and praising his unique skills and ability to adapt to different conditions.


Hazlewood’s admiration for Babar’s incredible statistics is a sentiment shared by cricket enthusiasts worldwide. Babar Azam’s journey from a promising talent to a cricketing icon is a testament to his unwavering dedication and exceptional skill. As he continues to dazzle on the field, one can only imagine the new heights he will reach in the world of cricket.


How has Babar Azam’s performance impacted Pakistan’s cricketing landscape?

Babar Azam’s rise to prominence has brought a breath of fresh air to Pakistani cricket. His consistent performances have not only inspired the younger generation but also instilled a sense of belief and confidence in the team.

What are some of Babar’s memorable innings that have left a mark on cricketing history?

Babar’s innings against New Zealand in 2018 and his match-winning performance against South Africa in 2019 are etched in cricketing folklore. These displays of skill and temperament have solidified his reputation as a cricketing sensation.

How does Babar Azam compare to other contemporary cricketing legends?

Babar Azam’s statistics stand shoulder to shoulder with some of the biggest names in cricket. His average and strike rate are a testament to his exceptional talent and consistent performance across formats.

What aspects of Babar Azam’s technique make him a standout player?

Babar’s textbook-perfect technique, combined with his exceptional hand-eye coordination, allows him to play a wide array of shots with precision. This, coupled with his ability to read the game, sets him apart as a truly exceptional player.

How has Babar Azam’s leadership impacted the Pakistani cricket team?

Babar’s captaincy has brought a new sense of unity and purpose to the Pakistani cricket team. His calm demeanor and strategic thinking on the field have earned him the respect and admiration of teammates and fans alike.

What are the future prospects for Babar Azam in international cricket?

With his skill set and temperament, the sky is the limit for Babar Azam. He has the potential to break numerous records and leave an indelible mark on the cricketing world.

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