Footballer, just released from jail, confronts massive suspension for assaulting teenage umpire in a disturbing incident.

Footballer, just released from jail, confronts massive suspension for assaulting teenage umpire in a disturbing incident.
The Northern Territory footballer who was just back from prison is now being heavily penalized for playing aggressively against an under-aged umpire, which included unjustified violent contact with the game official.
The NT News reported initially on it that the footage shows PINT’s Warwick Williams, a former jailbird who played for the NTFL last season after serving 14 months in prison for assault, approach a contest in the fourth quarter when his team was down in the state competition.

Two late-coming players for Southern Districts, who seemed like no match for him at all, may have attracted William’s attention first before he went into a brawl, then he caught an umpire trying his best to call for a pause with an expensive tackle, subsequently dragging him down to the ground.

It did the trick as soon as senior umpire Mark Noonan ejected William then sent him off the ground where he could not return to the match for the rest of the time.

AFLNT said in a statement that the Match Review Panel had already been looking into the incident and would likely address it on the coming Tuesday.

“Umpires play a key role in any game, such as in the footy where they have a right to feel both safe and honoured at any playing field,” as the statement noted.

“But we would like to clarify that regardless of the fact that the abusive behavior of this umpire has to go through the due process, AFLNT strongly holds the opinion that abuse of any type is not acceptable for the game of football and is not tolerated in any way within the AFLNT.”

Warren Williams was let out of the prison last year, where he had spent 14 months for violently breaking a man’s jaw during a brawl in the party strip of Darwin. He had a three years and four- month sentence in the beginning.

what is the northern territory football league’s response to the incident

The Northern Territory Football League (NTFL) has taken the step of using the series of incidents that the footballer who assaulted the teenage umpire has been in to impose the maximum suspension on the player. The player (who was out of jail on a parole order) had his violent streak burst out during an Nationalistic Treacherous Football League match, with him kicking a teenage umpire in the guts for no reason. Such a move has become the center of attention among the league staffers regarding if they will be able to impose a certain discipline on the player.

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