Bears up to 10 draft picks after trade with Panthers

10 draft picks after trade with Panthers

Bears up to 10 draft picks after trade with Panthers

the Chicago Bears have announced their expected picks for the upcoming 2023 NFL Draft. The trade has given the team a potentially advantageous position in the draft, which can greatly influence their future success on the field. However, the exact details of the team’s picks have not been revealed yet. Typically, a team’s draft picks are determined by a variety of factors, such as their previous season’s performance, and any trades made with other teams. It remains to be seen how the Bears will use their draft picks to bolster their roster and compete in the NFL.

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The 2023 NFL Draft order has been finalized with the announcement of compensatory selections, and it shows significant changes for the Chicago Bears. After a recent trade with the Carolina Panthers, the team now has a different draft order. General manager Ryan Poles was able to make a successful trade to move back in the draft and acquire additional picks.

As of March 10, the Bears’ draft order is as follows:

  • Round 1, Pick 9, 9th overall (from Carolina)
  • Round 2, Pick 22, 53rd overall (from Baltimore)
  • Round 2, Pick 30, 61st overall (from Carolina via San Francisco)
  • Round 3, Pick 1, 64th overall
  • Round 4, Pick 1, 103rd overall
  • Round 4, Pick 31, 133rd overall (from Philadelphia)
  • Round 5, Pick 1, 136th overall
  • Round 5, Pick 14, 148th overall (from New England through Baltimore)
  • Round 7, Pick 1, 218th overall
  • Round 7, Pick 41, 258th overall (Compensatory Selection)

However, the Bears have also traded away some of their picks. Their second-rounder (32 overall) is now with the Pittsburgh Steelers due to the Chase Claypool trade, while the Kansas City Chiefs currently have their sixth-rounder (178 overall) via Miami, thanks to Ryan Pace’s trade for Jakeem Grant in 2021.

The Carolina Panthers now hold the coveted number one pick in the draft. With this new draft order, the Bears will have an opportunity to select talented players and improve their roster for the upcoming NFL season.

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